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Keeping Baby's Skin Safe

Moms and dads love to caress and touch their babies skin.  This natural instinct has been shown to be essential for adequate organic and psychological development. Parents often use products like lotions and creams, during or after bathtime, to massage and help keep baby's skin soft; but are her favorite cleansers and lotions safe?


What is the Nurturing Touch Course?

  The Infant Massage and Nurturing Touch course was developed by the Vimala McClure, founder of International Association of Infant Massage.  It is a series of massage strokes that are a mix of Indian and Swedish massage, Reflexology and Yoga. Eastern cultures have been using massage for thousands of years to promote infant development. The complete Infant Massage and Loving Touch course is taught over 5 weeks.


When can I start massaging my baby?

Many parents wonder how old a baby has to be before starting massage.  The great news is that no baby is too young to be massaged!  Even newborn infants can enjoy the benefits of loving touch. The sense of touch has been detected in human embryos less than eight weeks old.  Though the baby is less than an inch long and has no eyes or ears, her skin sensitivity is already highly developed. Nature begins the baby's massage long before she's born.  First she rocks and floats, then slowly her world surrounds her more and more closely.



     Welcome to Infant Massage NYC, your source for the latest breakthroughs in baby massage, infant development, new parent support and NICU insights. Infant Massage NYC aspires to help parents become in-tune with their baby's needs through infant massage education. Infant massage is all about reading your baby's cues and responding accordingly. Nurturing touch and massage provides parents and babies with a relaxing activity to reconnectafter a long day's work. Massage can help babies acheive a calm state and help transition them to sleep. Parents have reported their babies to sleep more soundly when they incorporate massage into their child's daily routine. In today's society when parents return to work soon after the birth of their newborn, time for bonding and rest is increasingly precious. Finding time for nurturing touch and massage can be a valuable tool to foster a beautiful and loving parent-child relationship based on relaxation and communication.

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